English Learning: Advantage Of English Language In Our Life

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world. 53 countries have designated English the official language of their nation and the number of speakers is in the hundreds of millions. English is the international language of business. Nearly all business between nations is conducted in English. As the world becomes more interconnected and international trade grows, the importance of having this lingual ability will grow as well.

Vital to the international business scene, the internet is increasingly important for communication and commerce. The primary language of the internet is English. Over 50 percent of all the sites around the world utilize English.

Getting Around

As far as navigating the globe, English is absolutely necessary. Whether you are landing in Riyadh on the Arabian Peninsula or the Ivory Coast in West Africa, the signs, maps, and other tools for travel will all be in English. When you speak to a taxi driver or a flight attendant, the preferred method will be English.

Education is another important aspect of English ability. All “international” schools and prestigious universities around the globe offer courses in English. Having the ability to speak, understand, read and write English will open huge doors and allow for much more potential career growth than not being able to communicate in English.

Making Friends

How about making friends? When an Iranian, a Russian, an aboriginal Australian, and a Mongolian meet in a café for drinks and conversation, what language do you suppose they speak? That’s right – English!

Many great pieces of literature have been written in English. Of course, literature is not limited to English and can be appreciated in many languages. Nonetheless, such great writers as Shakespeare and Mark Twain wrote their works in English. Acquiring a solid grasp on the language, you can appreciate the subtleties of their works and perhaps gain some new perspective on life.

Speaking of the arts, the majority of internationally successful movies and music use the medium of English. Think of the biggest blockbusters and best-selling singers. Titanic’s characters Jack and Kate fell in love speaking English to each other. Justin Bieber sings his songs in English. Had these artists and their supporting casts made their pieces using some other language, it is unlikely they would have achieved the widespread appeal that they enjoyed.

These are just a few benefits to learning English. Almost anybody, barring some extreme circumstances, can learn English given enough time and the right instructors.