Welcome to Landmark-education-forum, a website created and managed by graduates of The Landmark Forum. This site has been created to educate people about the ways in which we the graduates have benefited from the revolutionary and ground breaking educational courses at Landmark Education . We hope to share not just our own experiences with this site’s visitors, but we also hope that other Landmark graduates will share the experiences they had with this education. Landmark-education-forum.com aims to provide a place where Landmark Forum graduates can say what they got out of Landmark Education Courses in their own words

How we benefited from Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum?

The landmark Forum allows graduates from different fields of education to interact and share ideas in a unique learning environment. No matter what walk of life you come from, the Landmark Forum provides a common platform for people to interact and gain insight and value from one another. People find that The Landmark Forum makes a difference both professionally as well as personally. The seminars offered at Landmark Education cover a wide array of topics like:

Ø Effective relationship building and effective communication

Ø Managing individual and team productivity

Ø Confidence building for individual’s and morale boosting for teams

Ø Leadership skills in today’s world

Landmark Education has a tried and tested educational methodology that has been utilized by more than 1 million people world wide. It is one of the largest educational institutions in the world. Landmark Education courses are now available t in over 150 cities world wide with nearly 160,000 people participating every year.
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